Hannah Wants – Mixtape 0913


It’s only been up 18 minutes, I’ve had a flick through, found the transitions. It’s excellent.

Claude Von Stroke, Midland, My Nu Leng, these are just some of the people I’m hearing in the mix.

Hannah Wants is a goddess, one of the few female DJs who escape the sexist ridicule of the male dominated dance world. All too often you see the likes of Grimes on YouTube, with haters attacking them because she is female. Boiler Room was my favourite, Grimes ripped the absolute arse out of the hipster fortress that is BR, playing Taylor Swift and Skrillex. One of the comments I saw, ‘Fucking female DJs, think Skrillex is house lol’. For a start, the whole set was a techno based day, with Richie Hawtin, and bits of Tech House looped in. Dafties.

Anyway I’m ranting. Check out this awesome mixtape by Hannah Wants to get you prepared for the weekend. Proof that female DJs is where it is at. Contains her latest tracks, Breathe and Rude Boy. Rude Boy is a stomper, by the way.

It’s free download, too.


00:00 Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness (MK in the Air Remix)
04:31 Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Breathe

07:17 — ?? – Jaded

10:35 Tchami – Promesses feat. Kaleem Taylor
14:00 Mario Ochoa – Lockdown
17:50 Midland – Archive01
21:20 Klangkarussell – Sun Don’t Shine (My Nu Leng Remix)
25:30 Jon Cutler ft. E Man – It’s Yours (NiCe7 Remix)
29:45 Salient Sarah – Lil Silva
32:39 Claude Von Stroke – Dood
34:35 Crown Duels – Bassline Butty
37:50 Crown Duels – Throw Your Head Back

40:17 — ?? – Push Up

43:00 Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rude Boy
47:10 Yousef ft. Charli Taft – I See (Shadow Child remix)
50:45 Joy Orbison – BRTHDTT
53:50 Tesella – Hackney Parrot

56:25 — ?? - Nothing to Fear
1:01:30 — ?? – She Was On My Mind

1:05:22 Ten Walls Gotham

1:07:43: Tensnake, Fiora – See Right Through

1:10:00 – ?? – You Owe Me and ?? – Lovin’ U

1:13:00 – ?? – All To You

1:15:00 – ?? – Cater To You

Many of the tracks that are unknown may not have been released.

If you know any of the blanks please let me know and I will fill them in.

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